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From Debby To Mr. Nuh

I cried when I met him a few weeks ago. I was so nervous when Pak Kamil told me that Prof. Dr. Ir. Muhammad Nuh DEA would be one of the speakers in PK-128 that day. I called him Pak Nuh, the former Minister of Education and Culture of Indonesia. After the session was over, I talked to him in the VIP room.

He’s the one who initiated Bidikmisi Scholarship. You know, some people may come from a very wealthy family. Others are fortunate enough to have super well-educated parents. While me, neither I have that privilege on financial support nor good family’s education background. I only have strong support, prayers, and enthusiasm from my family as my pillar of strength. Yes, I got to study at ITB without burdening my parents financially with this scholarship, alhamdulillah.

When he was no longer serving as a minister, he was still thinking about the Bidikmisi awardee’s fate. Therefore, he initiated another scholarship program to the government, an Affirmation Scholarship under LPDP, and I, fortunately, became one of its awardees. Again, I got the opportunity to continue my study without further costs because of his efforts.

I talked to him enthusiastically at first. A moment after that, I didn’t realize that I cried while thanking him. I told him how grateful I am to finally meet him in person. He smiled. He also gave me several pieces of advice, “give your best efforts in whatever you do, pray to Allah, and do not forget to love your family especially your Mom, because of her tirelessly prayers, you are here right now”. I sobbed as I heard that. Thank you, Pak Nuh. Wishing you a good health and happiness, always.

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